While creating a new page can cost you a lot of time from design to make it done, duplicated it is a lot easier. In this post, I will give you 2 super easy methods to duplicate a page in WordPress.

Although there are many ways out there to duplicate a page in WordPress, we can group it in 2 main types. I would like to name these types as plugin fans and programming fans. Each type of method has its own pros and cons. In scope of this article, I just show you how to do it as a plugin fan. However, if you love to do it by editing the WordPress codebase, try a method in this article.

How plugin fans do

Everyone loves plugins and it is truly a fantastic feature of WordPress. You know, the tip is, if you want to do something, find a plugin to do it for you. While it sounds simple, it is really simple ^^.

Let do a quick search with a simple keyword “duplicate a post” in the add new plugin page of WordPress admin. I can get at least 3 plugins that do what I want on this topic – duplicate a page or post in WordPress.

plugins that support you to duplicate a page in WordPress

Then feel free to choose which one you love on the list. I choose “Duplicate Post” for myself. Because I only want to duplicate posts only. You may refer below tips to choose your right plugins and avoid errors when installing it.

  • Compatible: It is very important. It let you know whether this plugin can install and run peacefully within your WordPress version. Always choose the plugin has “Compatible with your version of WordPress
  • Rating: It is easy to understand. The higher the rate, the better.
  • Active Installations: Thanks WordPress Plugins Store to let me know it. It is super useful information. It describes how the user who did use this plugin satisfy. If a large number of users love it, it is definitely a good plugin.
  • Last Updated: Many users ignore it. But my advice, please don’t do that. This information can show you if a plugin is updated frequently. It means it will be improving day by day. This is maybe a sign of a good plugin.

After all, I will choose two plugins for the demo and compare together. Let’s see how it helps us.

Duplicate Post Plugin

I currently use and highly recommend it as well. It has 3+ Milion Active Users, and more importantly, it is super easy to use.

After install and active the plugin, you can visit Posts >> All Posts. From now you can see two new options as the image below.

By clicking “Clone”, you quickly duplicate a post. The new post will be in Draft status and WordPress shows you a message to let you know that post copied.

duplicate post success message

By clicking “Draft”, a duplicated post will be created as well. The difference is the post editor will be opened for editing the new post.

You are able to find the same 2 options “Clone | Draft” when visiting Pages >> All Pages.

The Duplicate Post plugin works very well and above is just a simple case to use this plugin. It also offers many settings that will be useful in many cases. You can visit Settings >> Duplicate Post, try these settings and enjoy the plugin.

All options of duplicate post

This plugin is completely free and very useful. Therefore, if it helps you in building your website, please consider to donate them or at least vote and sharing with your friend.

Duplicate Page Plugin

The first step is the same previous sections, Install the plugin and don’t forget to activate it. This plugin has “1+ Milion Active Installation” at the time I do this post. Look great!!!

Now visit Posts >> All Posts again, this time we can see a new button – Duplicate This.

button to duplicate a page in WordPress

At the time you click the button, a duplicated page or post will be available.

This plugin also offers some settings to customize your process. You can open the editor after a duplicate post. Or you can make the prefix or set the status of a new post to review, publish instead of draft. Take a look at these settings by visiting Settings >> Duplicate Page.

Duplicate Pages settings


With an easy and common task like “Duplicate Page or Post”, we have many choices to do. It is not as hard as people think. Hopefully, this article gives you good information to complete your work.

Remember that you should consider carefully before installing a new plugin in your system. You don’t want to see your website going down, just because of the new plugin conflicts with your WordPress version.

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